The Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners National Committee (AAMP) holds the copyright to its educational posters. The AAMP provides opportunity for the purchase of a licence to use these posters to:

  • Accredited Manutention trainers.
  • Organisations who conduct training in the Manutention method of manual handling (includes AAMP courses & short courses based on Manutention) who wish to use the posters as teaching aids within their workplace.

Depending on the licence you choose to purchase the posters will be provided as either a laminated set or a PDF, as either individual posters of each FPA or, as a composite.
See Licence Categories for clarification. Each set will have a unique licence number that will identify the purchasing individual or organisation.

Licence Categories:
     1. FPA Set
     2. APAH Set

Further details regarding the licence categories is provided in the Poster Licence Order form. This licence does not permit reproduction for the purposes of sale or profit.