SIFAM Courses

SIFAM courses are conducted throughout Australia at periodic intervals. A Master Trainer from SIFAM conducts the course, with an interpreter providing the content in English. For all SIFAM courses a minimum of a proficiency course e.g. Health Care 2, Loads 2 or Aged Care Basic applies. For some courses there are additional pre requisites.

Contact to register your interest or find out more information on the course content.

Courses conducted by SIFAM to date are:
  • Level 5 Training.
  • Assisting Clients Into and Out of Cars.
  • Self Safety with Clients Introductory Course.
  • Self Safety with Clients Basic Proficiency Course.
  • Self Safety with Clients (Intermediate).
  • Disability Basic Proficiency Course.
  • Disability Advanced Proficiency Course
  • Ambulance and Emergency.
  • Clients with Hemiplegia.
  • Loads.
  • Trainer's Forums.

For further information please contact: 

    Sandra Orr
    Administration Assistant, AAMP (WA)
    P: 0450 800 592
    M: AAMP(WA)
    PO Box 18
    Subiaco 6904 WA