What is Manutention?

Manutention is the French word meaning 'handling' and was developed by a French Physiotherapist, Paul Dotte. It has a strong biomechanical basis enhanced by the study of human movement, martial arts, and sports such as weightlifting and abseiling. In Australia it is used to describe an approach to manual tasks which teaches people skills to reduce the likelihood of injury when handling people, animals or things by utilising nine fundamental postures and actions in a variety of ways. It also focuses on the many benefits of ergonomics, risk management, hierarchy of control and appropriate use of equipment.

The overall aim of the Manutention Method is to provide a graded, systematic manual tasks skills training to reduce musculoskeletal disorders arising from manual tasks carried out in all activities of life.

Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners

The Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners Inc. (AAMP) is a not-for-profit organisation providing best practice competency-based skills training, based on the Manutention Method and covering all aspects of manual tasks, throughout Australia.

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The AAMP incorporates Work Health and Safety and Risk Management in all courses. Courses are conducted Australia wide with qualified trainers delivered the training to  hospitals, industry, disability organisations, aged care facilities, educational facilities and the workplace in general. All of the courses delivered by qualified AAMP trainers are consistent Australia wide, providing a standarised approach to manual task solutions. To find out more about please access the Information Packs:
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