How is Manutention Taught?

The courses delivered by AAMP professional trainers are based on:
  • Adult learning principles.
  • Teaching how to provide corrective feedback.
  • The Triple Demonstration format to accommodation the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.
  • Normal movement patterns of patient/client.
  • Nine fundamental postures and actions, consistent with safe manual tasks principles.
  • A teaching progression to build motor skills.
  • Encouragement of the “patient” to assist.
  • A progression from Non Load Bearing to Full Load Bearing.
  • The use of principles of application, not recipes, and can be used in all settings.

Training Progression

There are five streams that form the basis of AAMP training in Australia as shown below:
  • Acute Care.
  • Aged Care.
  • Loads.
  • Disability.
  • Self Safety with Clients.
Participants who are attending accredited courses will progress through the course levels (shown below) as required for their job role. It is necessary for participants to start at Level 2 and progressively work through the courses, if they wish to achieve a higher level than Level 2. The accredited courses vary in length but all courses are carried out over a number of days (generally over 4 days).
  • Level 2 courses in both People Handling and Industrial Loads are designed for the general workforce.
  • Level 3 courses are designed for those wanting to become workplace trainers.
  • Level 4 courses are for those people wishing to become accredited Manutention trainers. Level 4 trainers can provide training as an independent trainer, providing training for anyone in the workforce.
Customised short courses are developed by the trainer to suit a workplace. The trainer will conduct a training needs analysis, then develop a course to ensure maximum opportunities for skills acquisition by the participants. These courses can be:
  • Based around particular problem areas.
  • Orientation and induction courses.
  • Generalised upskilling.

Professional Trainers

There are trainers available for teaching courses all over Australia and New Zealand. You can view who they are by looking at the States pages. All AAMP trainers have undergone comprehensive fully accredited training in the use of Manutention. They all have successfully achieved the Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification from the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA). All trainers are assessed by their peers on a regular basis, and must undergo a formal reaccredition process every three years.