Health Care 2

The Health Care 2 course is a 4 day competency based course for workers in the Health Care Sector. The course is designed to skill a person in common transfers which are likely to occur in the Sector and to enable the person to provide one on one coaching. The Work Health and Safety Act and the risk management process are embedded within the theoretical elements of the course. The course also includes developing skills in manual tasks assessment and problem solving.

Course Aims:

The aims of the course are to:
  • Provide an overview of a participatory ergonomics based strategy for the reduction of manual handling injury in Health Care.
  • Develop the core Manutention skills, based on the nine fundamental postures and actions.
  • Develop self-protective behaviours which will enable each individual to take personal responsibility for the control of risk that cannot be controlled by other means.
  • Effectively use and demonstrate Manutention techniques (ergomotricity) when working and potentially coaching others in the workplace.

Course Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the course, a competent participant will be able to:
  • Discuss and apply the relevant legislative requirements for manual tasks.
  • Apply and demonstrate the basic self-protective behaviours in a range of situations.
  • Use fundamental postures and actions in all transfers.
  • Review a peer’s performance of a learned technique.
  • Provide one to one coaching in self protective behaviours in the workplace.
  • Apply Chaput’s principles for risk control to a variety of manual tasks.

Course Assessments:

A participant must successfully complete the following formal assessments to be deemed competent in Health Care 2:
  • Written Work Health and Safety assessment.
  • Written Manutention assessment.
  • Perform a triple demonstration of a learnt transfer.
  • Peer assessment of a learnt transfer.

For further information please contact:

    Sandra Orr
    Administration Assistant, AAMP (WA)
    P: 0450 800 592
    M: AAMP(WA)
    PO Box 18
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