Loads 2

The Loads 2 course (4 days) uses a load simulator to enable the participants to become familiar with the nine Fundamental Postures and Actions without preconceived ideas of how to move a specific load. One person transfers of loads from ground, optimal and shoulder height are covered.

The course focuses on embedding safe manual task principles based on Chaput. These principles are:
  • Physical safety.
  • Economy of effort.
  • Using the load to help.

Course Aims:

The aims of the course are to:
  • Give an overview of a participatory ergonomics-based strategy for the reduction of manual task injuries in industry.
  • Develop the ability to share knowledge associated with risk management.
  • Deliver skills training so that you can use self protective behavior.
  • Develop an understanding of the manutention method.

Course Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the course, a competent participant will be able to:
  • Discuss the impact of specific loads factors on handling.
  • Apply fundamental postures and actions to a variety of manual tasks within the industrial environment.
  • Give and receive feedback according to adult learning principles.
  • Show evidence of understanding of Work Safety and Health and risk management within industrial environment.
  • Apply Chaput’s principles for risk control to a variety of manual tasks.

Course Assessments:

A participant must successfully complete the following formal assessments to be deemed competent in Loads 2:
  • Demonstrate a learned Manutention techniques to the group.
  • Critically review the presentation of a peer.
  • Evaluate a work health and safety scenario in writing.
  • A work health and safety test.
  • A manutention theory test.
  • A fundamental postures and actions theory test.
  • Develop two objectives for a short course training session.
  • Three physical tests.

For further information please contact:

    Sandra Orr
    Administration Assistant, AAMP (WA)
    E: admin@manutention.org.au
    P: 0450 800 592
    M: AAMP(WA)
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