Become an AAMP Trainer

The highest qualifications available for a Manutention Practitioner is to be 
accredited by AAMP as a;

  • Manutention Trainer (assessed at Level 4)
  • Manutention Senior Trainer Level 5 (Assessed at Diploma level).

Once qualified, reaccreditation is required every 3 years to maintain
 recognition of this qualification. Accreditation requires demonstrated Manutention expertise in performance and
 training and participation at a Trainer's Forum.
 Reaccreditation requires demonstration of continuing education and 
attendance at an AAMP Reaccreditation Forum.

To become a qualified AAMP trainer please begin by reading through the Learning Progression to Become a Trainer. Once you have reviewed the Learning Progression, go to your State pages to view the upcoming courses to start you on your way to becoming a Trainer.

If you would like any additional information on the Learning Progression, minimum requirements and hours of co-training required, please contact your state committee for assistance.