AAMP's Vision and Mission

AAMP is committed to best practice in manual tasks training using the Manutention method. As such, Work Health and Safety and Risk Management is incorporated in all courses with the method being trained and implemented in hospitals, industry, disability organisations, aged care facilities, educational facilities and the workplace in general. All of the courses delivered by qualified AAMP trainers are consistent Australia wide, providing a standarised approach to manual task solutions.


To provide Best Practice competency-assessed skills training in all aspects of manual tasks within the framework of the Work Health and Safety legislation throughout Australia and across all industry sectors.


The AAMP Inc. will:
  • Provide consistent and standardized training packages to be used throughout Australasia.
  • Develop and implement standardized skills based courses from Introduction to Accredited Trainer Levels.
  • Provide Professional Development opportunities for the Manutention Community.
  • Provide a clear and achievable pathway to Trainer status.
  • Provide clear and achievable reaccreditation process.
  • Promote membership for the Association.
  • Provide benefits to members.
  • Provide business opportunities that support the ongoing development of AAMP.
  • Support and encourage research in the Manutention method.
  • Provide advocacy and promotion of our philosophy.