Customised Courses

Customised short courses, in any stream, can be developed by the trainer to suit your workplace. The trainer will conduct a training needs analysis, then develop a course to ensure maximum opportunities for skills acquisition by the participant. These courses can be:
  • Based around particular problem areas.
  • Orientation and induction courses.
  • Generalised up skilling.

For example, in the hospital environment, courses can be aimed at:
  • Specific units e.g. maternity, orthopaedics.
  • Specific equipment e.g. hoists.
  • Specific work groups e.g. PCAs and nurses.

In aged care courses can be aimed at:
  • Specific disabilities e.g. dementia, agitated.
  • Specific environments e.g. home, hostel, nursing home.
  • Specific work groups e.g. support workers, nurses, family carers.

In disability, courses can be aimed at:
  • Specific age groups e.g. young children through to adults.
  • Specific disabilities e.g. cerebral palsy, autism.
  • Specific environments e.g. home, respite or school.
In the loads environment, courses can be aimed at:
  • Specific job roles e.g. grounds keepers, catering.
  • Specific environments e.g. hospital, hotel.
  • Specific work groups e.g. cleaners, support workers, trades persons.

Customised courses can be delivered across Australia. The AAMP will develop a standardised session plan, which can then be delivered by different trainers in each state, ensuring consistency and minimising travel costs.

For further information please contact:

    Sandra Orr
    Administration Assistant, AAMP (WA)
    P: 0450 800 592
    M: AAMP(WA)
    PO Box 18
    Subiaco 6904 WA